Social Behavioral Health and Informatics

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September 12, 2012 by mfafard

The following visual and link is from the Institute for Security, Technology and Society at Dartmouth College.  The institute is involved with research in the privacy and security of health information, health information exchange and the variance of perceptions and practices of healthcare providers.  The illustration provides a great example of the complex flow of information that takes place in the health care setting. 

This link is useful in that it provides an overview of current Health Informatic research areas of focus.  This area of public health is increasingly relied upon in all levels of health care (individual, community, global, etc.) for quality and efficient delivery of health services.  As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, health informatics will only continue to become more important to the patients, clinicians, administrators, and communities. 

My interest in health informatics stems from the community-related work I am currently involved with.  The initiative I am working with is currently in the planning stages but is ultimately intended to improve the ability to share certain health information among providers while maintaining safety and privacy standards, and improve outside agency interface abilities, referrals and reporting among Child Mental Health service providers in Duval County.


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