Environmental Health Promotion Xtranormal video

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November 17, 2012 by mfafard

This is a great, short Xtranormal question and answer video on environmental healthcare differences for a newly arrived immigrant in the United States who is trying to get some basic immediate information on the new healthcare environment she and her family are now having to adjust.

The Xtranormal video is a great teaching and learning tool for the public health profession since it provides for an entertaining scene to serve as an example that can be used to deliver the purpose, in this case the purpose being the type of information useful to people new to the US health care system, but also serves as a teaching platform or tool to be able to get the point across to other public health professionals as to how to show what type of areas are important to address when teaching aspects of environmental public health.

I regret not using Xtranormal in my presentation on the HBM since I think it is such a great tool for bringing examples life.  Overall, I am interested in Xtranormal in a much broader concept since, I feel it is a great example of an effective teaching tool that is a direct effect of technological advancements applied to education.


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