Fundamental Theory in Public Health Informatics

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November 19, 2012 by mfafard

Fundamental Theory in Public Health Informatics

The following link, provides a great overview of health informatics and some of the theoretical concepts that pertain to basic informatics, biomedical, clinical, imaging, and public health. The image above refers to public health informatics and how it connects and is applicable with biomedical informatics systems. The technological trends that allow for interconnectivity between the two different fields are an overall interest to me since similar models are basically being applied and improved to apply to different levels of community health.  For instance, public health data being shared with social service agencies and private practice physicians allow for interconnectivity at individual levels that work to improving the quality of care for individuals but also impact larger population scales by allowing the medical-related disciplines to share with one another what is and is not working for dealing with a certain disease, concern, condition, etc.


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