Social media being used as a social marketing example-Xtranormal

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November 19, 2012 by mfafard

This post serves two purposes in reference to social marketing. For one, the youtube video was developed through an online educational tool developed by Xtranormal. Xtranormal is a free resource that allows educators to create lessons in a unique interactive way through the use of cartoon characters. I feel that this resource is a great tool to use for almost any target population as it is very entertaining and easy to maintain viewers’ attention.
The second purpose of this post is that it provides information on how social media can be used in social marketing strategies. In the video, the social media expert is explaining how the social marketing strategies his company specializes in can improve a restaurant owners business through social media techniques. Although this example is not directly related to social marketing strategies in public health, the video explains the basic concepts of applying social media to marketing a product or idea in such a way that it is clear how social media strategies can be applied to marketing a health promotion/health education campaign


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