My Return!


April 8, 2015 by mfafard

As you can see, I have been away from WordPress for awhile but I am back and looking to become a regular contributor to the blog world.  Even if no one reads it, I believe that this blogging concept will help me keep my thoughts a little more organized as I start working toward a near complete change in career path and an improvement in quality of life!

As far as the posts from 2010 are concerned, they were the product of a great class I took during my MPH program.  Although, I did not recognize the true value of the ‘blog’ at the time, I am learning to appreciate the concept now.  With that, I will leave those posts where they are…after all they are very useful and relevant to what I am hoping to achieve moving forward.

At the present moment, my goals with this blog site are to:

-Learn more about the opportunities in blogging

-Post material daily

-Use the blog site as a resource management tool for myself and whoever finds it useful

So what am I managing?

Without going into too much detail right now, I have decided to make the move to self employment in the world of public health, research, and writing.  No, I don’t have savings, I don’t have a wealthy family, and I am learning as I go. Yes, I am not in the ideal position to move forward on a self employment dream. I recognize that and it is tough, especially when people are depending on you…but there is no time better than now, I am guessing…and hoping.

Currently, my goals are to find contract work and supplement it with a part time teaching or project management position.  This is my initial answer to both providing for my family while allowing myself some extra breathing room to becoming a self employed public health researcher, writer, contractor, and anything else people choose to hire me for.

So ideally, if everything works out, this time next year I hope to be providing for my family with a combination of part time work, contract work and my soon to be created LLC! Lets see how it goes, and for those interested in similar paths, I hope we can learn from each other.  So feel free to share your thoughts, strategies, resources, etc. and I will be sure to do the same.

thank you for visiting my revived blog and I look forward to its future!

-Mark Fafard


5 thoughts on “My Return!

  1. Reblogged this on tea time with miss b and commented:
    A leap of faith is oftentimes rewarded. We should all remember that and make miracles happen for each other.

    • mfafard says:

      Thanks for the kind words and I agree! Lets work together! Please let me know if I can be of assistance with any of your work

      • I understand how this whole Internet thing works and the karmic wheel. I think we should all stop seeing each other as competition and help each other. There is enough to go around.

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