Time to Write?

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April 8, 2015 by mfafard

The Grant Writer's Anonymous

I’ve decided to share my trials and success with the grant-writers/grant-managers of the world.

TODAY I am presently avoiding one of ONLY three deadlines of the year for the Erasmus+  European Union grant deadlines (Oct. 1 if you forgot!) In any case, please join me on a short insight to my process of writing.

grant_writer_greeting_card-rf140d33830304357a2d52080d2a8f220_xvuak_8byvr_512ITS TIME TO WRITE

Its what keeps going through my head, all day for weeks before I actually begin. Nothing else is really moving past that thought, no work is being done, no plans being made, until the writing has begun. Thats my method at least – torture myself to submission.

I feel like the process of preparing myself to write a grant is just as lengthy as it is to write it. It brings me back to my Uni days of procrastinating essays until the week before. Somehow I still always got a top mark…

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