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Mark Fafard is a freelance writer/research consultant with a specialty in public health. He received a Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of North Florida and holds Bachelor Degrees in History and Anthropology. His research interests include: domestic health disparities and underserved populations, youth obesity, social media and global health policy. For several years, Mark has worked as an English teacher, Emergency Medical Technician, scuba diving instructor, and community volunteer throughout Ecuador, Peru, Thailand, Japan, and the Bahamas. He is also a US Navy veteran.


As you can see, I have been away from WordPress for awhile but I am back and looking to become a regular contributor to the blog world. Even if no one reads it, I believe that this blogging concept will help me keep my thoughts a little more organized as I start working toward a near complete change in career path and an improvement in quality of life!

As far as the posts from 2010 are concerned, they were the product of a great class I took during my MPH program. Although, I did not recognize the true value of the ‘blog’ at the time, I am learning to appreciate the concept now. With that, I will leave those posts where they are…after all they are very useful and relevant to what I am hoping to achieve moving forward.

At the present moment, my goals with this blog site are to:

-Learn more about the opportunities in blogging

-Post material daily

-Use the blog site as a resource management tool for myself and whoever finds it useful

So what am I managing?

Without going into too much detail right now, I have decided to make the move to self employment in the world of public health, research, and writing. No, I don’t have savings, I don’t have a wealthy family, and I am learning as I go. Yes, I am not in the ideal position to move forward on a self employment dream. I recognize that and it is tough, especially when people are depending on you…but there is no time better than now, I am guessing…and hoping.

Currently, my goals are to find contract work and supplement it with a part time teaching or project management position. This is my initial answer to both providing for my family while allowing myself some extra breathing room to becoming a self employed public health researcher, writer, contractor, and anything else people choose to hire me for.

So ideally, if everything works out, this time next year I hope to be providing for my family with a combination of part time work, contract work and my soon to be created LLC! Lets see how it goes, and for those interested in similar paths, I hope we can learn from each other. So feel free to share your thoughts, strategies, resources, etc. and I will be sure to do the same.

thank you for visiting my revived blog and I look forward to its future!

-Mark Fafard


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